We're making open source software to make growing food easier.

What will you grow?


Grow systems come in many shapes and sizes. We'll support a huge range of interoperable sensors, lights, controllable power strips, dosing pumps, hydroponics kits, bioreactors, and more when we launch our store.

Open source

Our code is FREE-BSD licensed. As such, we offer enterprise software solutions to large growers for much less (and on better terms) than it would cost to license proprietary software or build similar functionality in house.


Your grow data is valuable. Our software can be run locally (and securely) on premise. Collect data from hundreds of sensors include cameras and spectrometers.


    Jake Hartnell


    Pam Pascual



    Dan Whaley

    Founder and CEO of Hypothes.is

    Isha Datar

    CEO of New Harvest

    Edward Lee

    UC Berekeley E.E.C.S.

    Henry Gordon Smith

    Blue Planet Consulting


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